Something Unseen


I have a longing for something undefined.  For something unseen.  Trees and rocks and rivers that beg the question “When?”.  When was the last time someone dipped their toes in this lazy river?  When was the last time someone climbed this rock to that peak?  Or pondered the direction of their life under this tree?

For now, they all have their cameras out around me.  Climbing those rocks with the 100 or so others.  Standing on the peak together.  Click.  Click.  Click.  Cameras take over reality.  Ripping branches off the tree to take as a trinket of reminder.  Changing the river forever by removing all its stones.  Their life having no more meaning than a duckfaceselfielookatmefest.






One thought on “Something Unseen

  1. Mommytimesthree says:

    I love this. I can appreciate a picture as much as the next person. However, folks are so busy snapping shots and sharing on social media that they aren’t really enjoying what they see. I also love how you talked about changing the natural environment as one moves through. Thanks for sharing.

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